Champ idea, i just want to see a champ created with this fighting style

We all know (hopefully) about Gun fu, using guns, implemented with melee only fighting style, i think its awesome and Id love riot to try cook up some idea for a gun champ that is melee..... heres a random example idea I made up.. Passive: Astro gains 25% bonus movement speed when an auto attack critically strikes, additionally consecutive applications of any crowd control reduce subsequent crowd control effects by 20%. Q, Duel blast: Astro leaps a short distance and inflicts two kicks at a target at melee range, which can interupt cast times and reduce the targets armor by 10% of astros current attack damage, he instantly follows up with a backward somersault before firing two blaster shots at the target. dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (20% of AD) initially, and 60/70/80/90/100 (30% of ad) per blaster shot after the kicks (blaster shots apply on hit effects but cannot crit) W, Overcharge: Astro overloads his blasters, making his abilities and auto attacks deal 20% more damage for 5 seconds. Passive: every 5th attack will release a cluster shot around astro which drops 2 small energy bombs around the target, which slows effected targets in the radius by 15% for 1 second, and deal 10% of their maximum health as physical damage per bomb. E, Deceptive Evasion: Astro will leap onto nearby target and kick it into another nearby target. champions will be primarily kicked into other enemy champions if they are around, minions otherwise, cannot kick monsters or epic objectives. Can throw minions into champions. Deals 90/120/150/180/200 (100% of ad) physical damage and slow both targets by 20% for 1 second. R, Last Stand: Astros R becomes his Q with additional effects... will sprint at a target champion, leap onto them and fire two simaltaneous shots dealing 120% of his AD per shot, killing the champion will reset the cooldown of his E ability and Q ability. Astros auto attacks consist of a mixture of close range fist fighting, and rapid draws of his blasters fired at point blank range. he is a melee champion.
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