Update to the Friend List.

Personally, I like to add nice people in games and tend to send a lot of friend invites and get a lot of them as well. Since I really enjoy the duo-queue feature, as it makes me play better for some reason (at least I think I do), I often get and sometimes send people invites to duo-queue. My Friend List is currently at 163, so nowhere near the limit of friends, but I do want to update my friend list every once in a while. I have seen many players complain about the max amount of friends being too little and someone had made the same post as I am now making but back in like 2013, so the question is, Can we have a date for the last log-in for players that haven't played in over three months for example, or have the option to sort friends based on last log-out date so that the friends that are gone the longest are at the bottom? This way I can delete the people that do not play anymore, and thus keep adding friends without having to worry about getting a filled friends list. I encourage you all to share your idea on this below so I get to hear other people's opinion on this subject. I am curious. Nickosaurus
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