New RIOT game

Hello everyone! Some time ago i heard that Riot was making a card game similar like Heartstone or someting, but since then i haven't heard anything about it. I have few ideas what this could look like :) I hope you're gonna like it :'D There are champions right :), so champions are like heartstone with, lets call them, stars you can summon them like you can in a heartstone. You can have spell cards( or we can call them item cards) that can be placed on the field like in yugioh cards This spell cards can help you in your game like for example: You place Jhin on the field and he has like 10dmg for example, you activate spell(item) card which could be like a itme in the game Infinity Edge and he will gain +5dmg or someting else. or someting like this: Activating card like Guardian Angel or Zhonya will heal you or skip opponets move or someting like that. Some champions can have effects like destroying another on the field or can attack directly. And a lot of other interesting things :) What do you guys think about this? I think everyone wants more games from Riot and this would be cool to have.
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