A champion design

The following Champion-Design is just something I radnomly came up with. All I want from you is to answer 2 seperate question. 1. Is the Kit well designed? 2. Do you think Riot would implement this Kit if they came up with it? I will not got into numbers, just outline how the abilities work and scale. Role: Marksman/Juggernaut P: For every basic attack, gain a stack (capped) that grants bonus Health until out of combat. Q: Skillshot that slows the hit Target. If the skillshot kills aUunit it will trigger an explosion that briefely stuns sorrounding Enemies and deals damage. W: Gain Attackspeed for a few seconds. During that time deal max.Health Magic-Damage (scales on AP). E: Dash into one direction and gain a shield (scales on max.Health) based on how many large Units, large/epic Monsters & enemy Champions you dashed through. R: With every basic attack a bonus meelee-attack strikes the closes Enemy in range applying on-hit effects (counts as ranged attack for Runes, Tiamat and Wit's End. Also does not trigger a Runaan's bolt).
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