Yearly Prestige Skins

So i think we're all aware of the recent Prestige skins that have been added to the game, and currently there are two different types: **Event Prestige** - you purchase a pass and get the ability to grind for X amount of Event Tokens until you can craft your Prestige skin for that event (Kai'sa, Akali, Vayne) **Yearly Prestige** - You purchase a buttload of RP and buy Masterwork Chests and sometimes Event Capsules to get the small bonus of the Prestige Points. when you've purchased enough Masterwork bundles or Event Capsules you can craft your Desired skin - Currently Aatrox & soon-to-be Ahri. I know several people that struggle knowing that if they want to get their desired skin they need to purchase so much RP, and spend it on boxes aswell - this generally feels bad for some people, as not everyone can afford that amount of RP, but also because if they want to get the Yearly Prestige skin of their choice they are forced to buy boxes or capsules. That last point does not feel fair at all, to me, and i dont even want the Aatrox or Ahri skins. Since we get an entire year to aquire enough prestige points and craft the skin we want out of the current & up-and-coming yearly prestige skins, i feel like there could (and maybe should) be made a change to how we collect these Prestige Points. My idea is not anything new, its pretty old really - Pizza Stamp Collection kinda deal. **For Example** Say that for each RP purchase, we get a "bonus" amount of Prestige Points with that purchase. The 5€ RP purchase could grant the player 1 Prestige Point, while the 10€ Would grant them 2 or 3 Prestige Points. in general Riot can still make us buy the same amount of RP - but atleast dont force us to buy boxes to get the Prestige Points if you're going to make some skins a giant paywall. This could potentially make the players feel like the Yearly Prestige Skins are more accessible, as im sure a lot of players already buys a lot of RP throughout an entire year. The Obvious counter argument to this entire post would be "but Riot will make less money" - and yeah sure, but im really curious to see how many players already actually pay that absurd amount of RP for a skin that is a bit more Golden. TLDR; Dont make players buy bundle of chests for Prestige Points, let us spend our RP on what we want, make the Prestige Points come out of the initial RP purchase to begin with. This would make the Yearly Prestige Skins feel more accessible for the players that want the skins.
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