Dynamic extra LP in ranked games.

Hello guys! Let me introduce myself, Terzief Godfroy, player of a random rank from season six. I have played 3000+ games and want to share one thought, which, as I think, has a rational seed. So, every player in League of Legends, who started his climbing in ELO system and improving personal skill soon or late will face with familiar to all of us situation. This player gets advantage, makes first blood, overfarms his enemy, destroyed first tower, roam and do everything what he can to win. But suddenly he sees in chat something like: «rep jgl», «0 ganks», «where is ss/roam», and other less polite things. Then, our hero looks on scoreboard and realize, that his mates have 0-15-0 on 7 minute of the game, and everyone blames him. But he doesn’t give up, he doesn’t answer in the same way, he goes on to carry that game to the end with trust in comeback. And what he got after all his tryharding in 90% of such games? Loose. And approximate -20 LP, same as his mates, who gave up in first minutes. What is about mental side? What does person, who tried his best, get after this? Disappointing, misunderstanding, confusing, rage, anger, weakness and other not pleasant emotions. Everyone has own set of them, and everyone resists them in own way. And its usual and obvious part of a competitive game. How we withstand loose, shows what we cost. But does exist some way to make this situation less frustration for whom, who deserve it? Rito made good job with ban system for flame, its not perfect, but they are trying to make atmosphere in game more comfortable. However constantly happen injustice situations towards a good player, and I want to suggest variant of decision of part of them. What about system, based on system of champion ranks after game (DCBAS+), which can add some extra amount LP after win, and dercease amount of lost LP after loose for that or those players, who deserve it? Such system can give more motivation for both, weak and strong players, to play even when they have the worst ingame score. How does it can be? For example, one player got S+ and won. As a result, he gets 20-22 LP + K* (coefficient of extra LP on the basis of his impact in the game). Suppose, it will be 20 + 5 = 25 LP, quarter of one division, pleasant reward.Now the same situation, best player lost. And he will lose -18-20 + K* (same coefficient). As a result, we have -20 + 5= -15 LP, which can motivate to play the best as u can to the end of the game, even if it will be defeat, to lose less LP. This system has advantages and disadvantages.Except extra motivation for tryharding and more comfortable atmosphere in team, there is step in side of supporting new players in League. Its always not pleasant to have toxic smurf in your game, who makes first impression from the game and rankeds really not the best. And this system will increase speed of growing smurf`s ELO, from low, to his own.On other side, it will make boosting easier than it is now. But let’s be honest, there is no real way to do something with boosters except ingame reports, and when they are showing boosting on own streams lol.Also, it’s obvious, that DCBAS+ system, without improving unusable for my suggestion. Player could be counter picked, die several times in early, but make a key impact in teamfights, which will let his team win. But that player won’t have good KDA. Multifactorality of ingame situations should be considered. I think, this system can make game better, and I am interested in your opinion about it.If you support this idea, please share it on other forums/social webs. Maybe, if it will be wide shared, Rito will give their answer.GL HF! P.s. Sorry for my English, I am not native speaker ^^. Links on other sites: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/cb99dk/dynamic_extra_lp_in_ranked_games/ https://twitter.com/TerziefG/status/1148748448042295298 https://boards.ru.leagueoflegends.com/ru/f/EMzdGX68/d/WjGjEqg6
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