Skin idea - Archlight Hecarim

League of Legends - Skin idea - Archlight Hecarim
Gryphon inspired design for the Champion Hecarim on League of Legends League of Legends - Skin idea - Archlight Hecarim
{{champion:120}} Archlight Hecarim with a design inspired by the looks of a gryphon. E - Upon activation, he spreads a pair of big glowing wings, and makes a noticable flap when he dashes to strike a target. R - Also spreads wings and creates a big swirl of glowing light where it ended. Personal note: This is not my best of creations, but I couldn't let go of this idea and wanted to bring it to the community and see what you fellas think. If it goes through, I am sure Riot can make it look way better than what I myself did.
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