Pool Party YORICK!

So i am playing yorick and was looking at his skins... i really dont like them. Nevermind the fact that he has only 2 different skins.. so i was thinking what could be a cool skin. POOL PARTY YORICK with his shovel being 1 of those plastic red shovels kids take to to beach hahahha xD So after my post, we had some adjustments. His ghouls could be little crabs that crawl out of the sand or little jellyfish/octopus The graveyards that spawn, could be little sandcastles. His E, could be sand thrown of water His W, could be a wall from sand or a rubber band/duck His R, could be A giant rubber/inflatable animal (maybe even a few different ones, spawning randomly) OR a giant jellyfish/octopus/crab IF any of u guys have more things to add, just put it under here
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