[Champion Concept] Fujin and Raijin, The Yordle Twins

**Role:** Jungler **Class:** Assassin/Mage **Damage type:** Mixed, build AD **-** Fujin and Raijin are the yorlde twins, they essentially 2 champions combined into one, I will be explaining how the controlling works now: When a player picks Fujin and Raijin, they get both of the champions, they have 4 major disadvantages to counteract their power though. - Each one only gets 4 item slots (boots and smite upgrade are bought into separate 7th and 8th slot) - Jungle starters cannot be bought into the extra slots - If one dies, both of them die - Neither one has an ultimate And here are certain things which I feel should be explained: - They share their gold and xp pool - Both of them have their own abilities - The key to toggle controlled unit is R by default, but can be rebound without rebinding ult. - They share summoner spells - Each one can purchase a trinket **-** **Looks:** By lore, they reside in Zaun, so I decided to give them a street-type looks. **Fujin:** Fujin has white fur, his mouth is covered with a red/black gas mask, he has red eyes, he has lots of earrings. He has a small gas tank strapped to his back, he wields a crysknife. **Raijin:** Raijin has dark blue-grayish fur, he wears a blue hood which covers his face mostly, his mouth has lots of small, sharp teeth and he has his lips pierced (dolphin bites with hook labrets) His hoodie has no sleeves. His belt has 3 grenades and 5 daggers attached to it. He wears a robotic glove on his left hand. His daggers resemble a combination of a kunai and a razorblade. **-** **Lore Summary:** They were yordle's living in bandle city who had special techniques which they had discovered from ancient books/scrolls, Fujin uses the wind technique and Raijin uses the lightning technique. That's where their names came from. At one point they decided to leave bandle city, got robbed in the wilderness and wandered off to Zaun where they lived on the streets. **-** **Abilities:** **Twinned Bounty-Combined Passive:** They gain 1.5x gold they start with 700 gold **Fujin:** Fujin is a melee attacker, and utilizes the wind technique. **Windslicer-Passive:** Fujin's next attack is a critical strike which deals 33% true damage. **Cooldown:** 10/8/7/6/5 seconds **Flying Yordle-Q:** Fujin releases air from the tank strapped to his back, leaping forward. **Cooldown:** 15/15/14/13/12 seconds **Range:** 8 teemos **Mana cost:** 80 **Brotherly Bond-W:** Fujin channels for 1.5 seconds and then teleports to Raijin, dealing damage when exiting and when arriving **Cooldown:** 9 seconds **Damage:** 15/30/40/60/70 (+15% AD) **Mana cost:** 50/55/60/65/70 **Slice and Dice-E:** **Passive:** Fujin increasingly gains more attack speed when attacking. **Active:** Fujin's next 3 basic attack deal 100% true damage but are unable to crit **The Yordle Twins-R:** **Passive:** Fujin and Raijin gain 10/15/20% of the AD from each other's items **Raijin:** Raijin is a ranged attacker, and utilizes the lightning technique. **Electric Surge-Passive:** Every 3rd auto attack Raijin's dagger sends out a lightning effect (like Statik Shiv) **Hypershock-Q:** Raijin releases a stream of lightning from his glove to a target enemy, dealing damage to it and lesser damage to the units around it. **Damage:** 20/25/30/35/40 (+33/35/37/40/43% bonus AD) **Side damage:** 10/15/20/25/30 (+15% AD) **Cooldown:** 12/10/8/6/4 **Mana cost:** 50/55/60/65/70 mana **Brotherly Bond-W:** Same as Fujin's, except he channels for only 1 second **Lightning Grenade-E:** *3 charges* Raijin throws a lightning grenade at a target location, dealing damage to all units hit and stunning the one/s in the middle. **Damage:** 50/60/70/85/95 (+20% AD) **Stun duration:** 0.75/0.8/.9/1/1.25 seconds **Mana Cost:** 30/40/50/60/65 mana *note:* one unit can only be stunned once every 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 seconds **The Yordle Twins-R:** Same as Fujin's **-** In the end I really enjoyed making this, but do not know if it's perfectly balanced, or even good, but recently my creativeness has been kinda low and I'd appreciate all feedback possible > Update 1.1 Gave increased starting and earned gold. Smite upgrade slot added. Fujin's bandanna changed to a gas mask.
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