NEW MODE IDEA : Minions and Monsters ASSAULT

Hello, I just had a new game mode idea that I wanted to share with you people. I'am French, and i have make a good idea of a game mode on french forum. Maldini30 is a kind summoner who have accept to translate my French board in English because I don't speak English very well ^^. The minions and the monsters of the jungler, those monsters that you slaughter indiscriminately in the Rift to earn gold, well they had enough and they decided to team up to siege and destroy your Nexus. The map would be the Summoner's Rift, and there would be only one team (a 6 player team) with a base (Nexus, turrets, inhibitors). In the other base, there would be no big Nexus, no turret and no inhibitors. There would be several mini Nexus that would spawn minions 24/7 early on in the game. Those mini Nexus would be unbreakable until you've defended long enough, then you'll have to destroy it in order to win the game. In the jungle, the monsters won't be outdone. Camps and tents would be there, spawning monsters (wraiths, wolves, golems, gromps) that would head towards your base to destroy it. Those spawners would be unbreakable as well, until you've defended long enough. But you won't have to destroy them in order to win. It's recommended, though. There are 3 mini Nexus spawning 10 minions every 10 seconds. 3 mini Nexus per lane. There are 8 jungle camps. Normally, in this mode, you should always be on the blue side. The golems that are on top (toplane) would spawn on the toplane towards your base just as the Rift Scuttler who would have a special camp and who would be able to attack too. The gromp would spawn on botlane with a Rift Scuttler. The wraiths, wolves, red and blue buffs would spawn on midlane. The monsters would spawn quickly as well. The ennemy forces would grow stronger and stronger. If they get to destroy one inhibitor, Super minion will spawn on this lane, at a rate of one every 7 seconds. At 10:00, several mini boss (IS THAT A SHORT JOKE ?) spawn to help their team mates destroy your base. They are the drakes : fire one, ocean one, cloud one, earth one, and of course, elder one. The fire and earth ones will spawn on toplane. The cloud and ocean ones will spawn on botlane, and the elder one on midlane. Know that they will be upgraded to give you a hard time. If you've managed to kill them, at 20:00, another monster will appear, doing his best to help his mates destroy your base : Baron Nashor ! He will spawn on midlane and will move very slowly (125 move speed). He will have 100 000 HP and will be immune to true damage (no need to take Vayne for gg easy). He will attack turrets at range. He should destroy them pretty easily, since he has a strong base AD. But you're here to send it back from where it comes from ! He will have a special ability. He will be able to eat one of your team mates, dealing 3000 true damage and will have a cooldown of at least 80 seconds. Moreover, each time you deal 20 000 damage to him, he will push you back with his tale. If he manages to destroy your Nexus two turrets, he will attack it melee. If you can kill the Baron Nashor, the strength of all minions and monsters would be reduced by half for 5 minutes. For that same amount of time, the enemy Nexus and jungler camps would be destroyable. When that time comes, all you'll have to do is push. Destroy the 3 Nexus and the victory shall be yours. P.S.: Baron Nashor has a special aura that would strengthen minions and monsters around him, as for the drakes, but the drakes' auras are less powerful. Caution, in this game mode, the minions are way more powerful than in a normal game. Same for the monsters, especially the gromp who will have a larger range. For those who want to farm in the jungle, a jungle is available, but the monsters in it won't attack the enemies. Turrets attack monsters. Trick for faster victory: Since there is no enemy champion, and that you'll have to face an angry 100 000 HP Baron Nashor, you will need some stuff, so try to last-hit the best you can if you're to face it. You will have two summoner spells only: smite (more convenient to face Nashor, isn't it ?) and clarity (useful for those who wish to spam their abilities). Minions on your side will be twice as weak as the enemy ones, and they will spawn at a rate of five per wave, when on the other side, it's 10 per wave. You won't have siege minions because they all joined the enemy. There. So, thoughts ? Translated from FR by Maldini30. Thanks you for read, what do you think about this idea ?
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