Elementalist Lux - Riot's behaviour towards their playerbase is asshole-like

Yes i know they confirmed the skin will be out on Nov. 28th and it's still 2 hours, but srsly? This bahaviour is asshole-like. By saying "The skin will be released on Nov. 28th" players assume that it will be released at a time most players think is acceptable...12-13 o clock or maybe 17-19 o clock. I think no one assumes it will be released at 23:59, but it seems as this will be the case. Riot this behaviour is so shitty, especially towards the community. You hype this skin for weeks...you say it will be released within the 6.23 patch and yes this could be the last day before 6.24, but srsly? This is not ok at all. We totally lose the hype and the joy we felt a few days ago....now it's just waiting and restarting the game after every hours...it's boring and frustrating. Hype is gone, and the skin isn't released yet....disappointing
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