Re-Rework Irelia

P: Ionia's Will: Irelia's next basic attack will deal slightly more damage and will heal her Cooldown: 18 ( level 1-6 ) 10 ( level 6-11 ) 5 ( level 11-18) / On-hit effects don't apply. Cost: Mana Q: Bladesurge: Dashes to the targeted area dealing damage and slowing by 70% for 0.75 seconds Cooldown: 12/10/8/5/3.5 seconds W: Ionia's Blessing: Irelia creates an area of spiritual energy where she gains damage reduction and heals for a very short amount but she is unable to attack while in the area. / The area lasts 6 seconds / Cooldown: 24/22/18/14/12 Cost: No Cost E: Sickle Blade Rain: Irelia can store up to 2/4/6 Blades that she can shoot onto the enemy dealing damage and granting her movement speed that decays for 1.5 seconds if she strikes the enemy successfuly When charged cooldown: 1 second after a shot Cooldown: 16/14/12/7/5 Cost: Mana R: Dance of the Blades: Irelia shoots out 6 big blades that stun for 1.5 seconds and they come back to Irelia after 2 seconds 1st Part Damage: 80/120/150 + 80% of AD 2nd Part Damage: 120/180/250 + 150% of AD Cooldown: 130/100/80 Cost: No Cost
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