Limbo, the Withered Soul [Champion Concept]

So this is a champion concept based on a Warframe. If you don't know what Warframe is, it's basically a combi of a 3d person shooter and LoL. Q: Soul Portal Limbo opens a soul portal. This soul portal drains the soul of nearby enemies (in a cone in front of it). The portal is opened on a wall and can be interacted with. If a soul portal kills an enemy, the enemy will be send to the limbo-rift as a soul. Limbo can pick up the souls in the limbo-rift to gain health. W: Transfer Limbo transfers himself into the limbo-rift for up to 6 seconds. In the limbo-rift, he takes less damage but can't damage enemies unless they are in the rift themselves as well. Limbo is also 40 to 60% faster in the limbo-rift with absolutely everything. E: Banish Limbo banishes enemies to the limbo-rift. He does this by pulling them into the Soul Portals. If a minion is pulled into the Soul Portal by Banish, they will instantly die. If an enemy champion is pulled into the limbo-rift, they will be stuck there for 6 seconds, taking additional damage and dealing less damage to non-effected enemies. An enemy can try to leave the limbo-rift by dashing, jumping or blinking into a Soul Portal, but that will deal damage to the enemy. R: Awakend Soul Limbo draws energy from the living forces near him, dealing a small ammount of damage to them. Then, he gets a buff called Spirit Walker. While this buff is active, Limbo can use Transfer without a cooldown. While in the limbo-rift, Limbo will deal bonus damage instead of none and will take no damage. The buff's duration is effected by the ammount of enemies hit, adding 3 seconds for every enemy champion hit and 1/5th of a second for every minion or jungle monster hit. Additionally, enemies inside the limbo-rift will take continuous damage. The idea with Limbo is to transfer as many enemies to the limbo-rift as possible, and fight in either a small area to make his portals deal as much AoE damage as possible, or fight in a minion wave so he can kill the minions with his portal to pick up their souls with Transfer if he gets badly hurt.
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