Ranked warmups!

Background: I have played this game pretty much every season and i have no idea whats going on atm, every game is filled with ppl dying like crazy, raging, flaming and ppl even get really mad when they get friendly pokes / advice... Im currently in silver 3/4, was gold last season. Problems: 1. Skill gaps are immense atm, lvl 30s matched against 150+??, gold vs bronze and so on... and this is not just the odd game here and there, pretty much every game you see 2-? players who are so far below the rest that they will just get stomped. 2. Autofill on jungle, why is this a thing, it is almost always an instant loss for the team that gets an inexperienced jungler, cuz its so much more complex than the other roles, id rather have 5 min que then get a random jungler who will only run around and die. 3. Game wins and win rewards are pretty much only tied to a flip of the coin, did yasuo get 3 kills? gg you lost, did vayne pop full turret plating while u died to 4man bot.. its over. 4. Kill rewards: 1 kill = 300g + xp + lane pressure + roam potential + time to get vision dominance + first blood bonus + turret plating bonus + free farm for a little while + reduced xp, gold, pressure and vision for enemy team. Suggestions: 1. Tier XP locks: Entering ranked game = you need lvl 32, to climb you would need atleast 10 levels per tier, bronze min. lvl 40, silver 50 and so on.. 2. Ranked warmup games: If you havent played for a while, you shouldnt be able to enter ranked straight of the bat, 4 days away = 1 normal warmup game required up to a max of 3 games if you have been away 12 days.. ez clap 3. Stricter matchmaking: 3 golds 1 diam. 1 silver vs 1 gold 3 silver 1 bronze how is that fair.. esp. if bronze goes top vs gold/diam. its an instant loss, please dont allow these kind of matchups or atleast give proper heads up so jungler can try to babysit. Also no jungle autofill please, it has to big impact on game outcome... 4. LP gain/loss based on performance/conditions: Did you have an afk/dc in your game and cant surrender, ok were sorry you will only lose half or even less of the lp this game.. Did you lose but have sick ratios, farm and good vision score, you are given 30% less lp loss yay! (This one is just a random suggestion, might have strange impact so totally understand if it´s not doable :P) 5. Champion mastery: Maybe it would be a good idea to restrict players from playing champs they have 0 mastery with, lets say you need atleast lvl 2-3 to bring ur champ into ranked.. 6. Balance in all things: Please make farming viable again, atleast in lower elos it´s all about the kills now. Kill gold could easily be halved or even further reduced considering how much other benefits you get from kills..
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