Gun Goddess skin for Quinn may be? And others potentials

So now that the skin is out, the exo-skin has a main feature that enables it to fly. Quinn who has the ultimate that can allow her to fly can fully utilize it. Infact Quinn would do more justice to the skin concept than MF. Not that the MF one is useless or bad. This also reminded me of Mobile Suit Gundam OO series, where there are 4 different Gundam machine with specific roles- Fighter, Sniper, Ariel and Tank. Since MF is done and we can put her in Sniper class, Quinn can be the Ariel assualt model. --> Following up on the above this are other potential candidates **Fighter** - Aatrox(since his ulti seems to be a Trans-am ability xD) Renekton **Tank** - Braum --> If we are specifically looking for Marksmen to fill those role, then fret not **Tank** - Urgot xD **Fighter** - Kindred(but there already is super galaxy one) Kaisa (not sure if Bullet Angel qualifies as similar concept) Vayne(has project skin) Let me know if the concept is viable. Ofcourse not all suppose to be that expensive may be Epic/Legendary skin would do
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