AP Tank/Juggernaut idea named Sevral(for now)

Sevral Sevral is a supportive tank/juggernaut type that have a rough early game but makes up for it in lategame strength and scaling. The playstyle is sustained damage and CC but without much hard engage so the champion should function more like in the zoning way. 320 hp (+150 hp pr. Lvl) 15 hp pr. 5sec(+0,5 hp pr. 5sec) Ad 46(+6 pr. Lvl) Armor 20(+6 pr. Lvl) Mr 26 (+2,5 pr. Lvl) Attack range 200(melee) Movementspeed 350 Mana 150+(100 pr. Lvl) Attack speed (0,6+3,5% pr. Lvl) Passive: 60% of bonush health is converted into ar/mr/ap in a ratio of 150hp=10AP, 8armor, 10mr. Each 14/10/6 minions and each takedown gives +1 base hp pr 5 at levels 6/11/16. Q: Mana cost: 30 CD:(10/8/6/4/2s) Increases aa range by 50 and resets aa timer. Dealing 35/40/45/50/55%(+0,3 AP) of total ad as magic damage(55/60/65/70/75% of on hit and sheen effects) and gives a small shield of 10/20/30/40/50 (+0,15AP +0,15Mr +0,15 Ar). And puts a stack of decay on the target. at 4 stacks of decay on target, shield will spread out to nearby allies and increase shield strength by 20% Decay can only be applied by abilities and all stacks of decay disappears after 6 seconds. The decay stacks can only be applied up to 3 times and is refreshed by abilities that hit. W: Mana cost: 70 Range: 650 CD 12/10,5/9/7,5/6 sec A delayed AOE blast (think Ziggs or Syndra Q here) That deals 60/85/110/135/160 magic damage +0,3 AP (+0,05 ar,0,05mr+0,05AP pr. Stack of decay) applying a stack of decay and have an effect based on the amount of decay stacks. 1 stack= slow 2/2,1/2,2/2,3/2,4s 40/45/50/55/60% 2 stack= snare 0,6/0,8/1/1,2/1,4s 3 stack=stun 0,6/0,75/0,9/1,05/1,2 4 stacks=stack 3 and stack 1 effect E: CD (18/16/14/12/10 sec) Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/110 Range 900 Hits the first target in a line for 60/110/160/210/260 +0,6 AP (+0,2 AR +0,2 Mr) magic damage places a stack of decay on the target and have an effect based on how many decays stacks is on the target 1 stack=decreases ar and mr by 8/11/14/17/20% 2 stack=Pulls target 250 range closer to Sevral 3 stacks=Applies both stack 1 and 2 effects to the target hit and deals 3/6/9/12/15%(+0,01 AP)of missing health as magic damage to target 4 stacks= applies stack 1, 2 and 3 but pulls 400 range instead of 250 range. R: Mana cost: 125/175/225 CD: 30/20/10s Range 450 Makes an AOE that deals damage to all units from the center of Sevral doing 50/70/90+0,1AP+0,05AR+0,05MR damage and a damage over time effect based on how many decay stacks is on her target equal to 30/40/50+0,05AP+0,05AR+0,05MR over 5 seconds and places a stack of decay that can exceed the limit of 3. Increases experience gotten from minions by 10/15/20% and takedowns by 50% Design decisions: Right now the champ is designed with the theme of a fisherman in mind. The fisherman is a struggling person using knowledge(improves abilities), perseverance(passive), preparation(equipment/items) and strength(scalings) to reel in fish, but first these things should be acquired. With this in mind the champion is designed to have low base stats but great scalings, as a new fisherman even the smallest fry is a tough battle but with enough experience and equipment the fisherman can catch even the biggest of fish. I am quite happy with how the kit looks like because this champion will be a late game champ. The champion needs the levels to actually use the decay function and can’t just buy a lot of hp to get through laning. Also the player is at a disadvantage because without the ultimate they can’t utilize the full kit yet. So it is a decision between, do I go for waveclear in W or do I go for duelling power in Q? How many minions can I go for with my 200/250 range to get the extra base regeneration at six? I also need the gold, can the exp from the passive on the ultimate offset the lesser gold I will get? The champion is but isn’t a hooking champ since it is needed to actually get 2 stacks of decay on the champion the player is aiming at, giving people a window to run away and reset the decay(which might need a different name). Therefore it is a champion which zones the other guys in the enemy team and when they engage the champion will act as a cc machine, and even more with the right itemization. To ensure that the champion doesn’t become too powerful I’ve decided to nerf the sheen line in advance, because I remember toplane Viktor. I also started to make the champion manaless, but decided that since the ulti would have a really low CD for an ulti it was best to give the champion mana to ensure that a decision between fast wave clear(w+r) or being able to teamfight(base mana might be too high). While the opposite of converting health to ap/mr/ar and giving the champion endless base hp/5 was done for the synergistic effect between ressistances and shield/health regen, which in turn also makes the champion a bit prone to burst when playing against people who build mortal reminder, Voidstaff, morellonomicon and lord domoniks regard. Lastly I decided for a zoning champion it would make sense that the champion would use the experience from fighting to shield allies continuously. The whole kit is made in a way that makes the champion reliant on both itemization and experience but have the catchup mechanic of scaling a lot better than regular champions and getting to lvl 18 generally a lot faster than its peers. Probably never going to see a champion like this in league though :/
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