idea for (non-draft pick games)

**Blind pick games 5v5 and 3v3 needs to be more organized ( in choosing lanes ) (((( I'll say the problem and it's solution )))** I UPLOADED AN EXPLAINATION PHOTO :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} _* Sometimes people enter the lobby and start saying top mid .. etc sometimes people choose lane after other one say this lane. * SO in some games ( we've 2 adc or 2 jg or 2 mid and they start flaming each other and we lose ) * some people instalock and other people needs to play this lane * sometimes they ask who is first mid . and players say different things maybe " duo to network problems or lag or something so maybe I see I'm the first top and the truth is not like that and someone else said that before me._ **$$$$$ SOLUTION $$$$$ ** _I think we need something like draft pick but from inside the lobby not outside. in draft we choose lane THEN the game search for suitable other lanes to be full team with ideal lanes without any problems and sure that's why it's closed at night duo to few players are online and we can't wait for 1 hour maybe till we find other lanes because most of players are offline._ **((( IN blind we need the same way but from inside the lobby :D SO no need to wait more time like draft and it's ok at any hour of the day because we join 10 (5+5) people and we can find icons of the lane and the fastest team members choose their lanes once someone choose a lane it become un clickable for others . and if other one trolled or didn't respect the system or his friends word , he gets punishment for making his friends lose or play something they didn't choose.** _AND these lanes icons should be automatically changeable from these places not in the same place to avoid using some software that insta click in it's positions very quick {{summoner:4}} before other players see the screen and take their chance to search and click. IT'll be so fair and good thing_ and after selecting lanes after joining you can add (swap lanes _not champions_) like aram game but with lanes, because some players are kind enough to give their lanes to others :D ** I HOPE THIS THING HAPPEN AND THANKS RIOT FOR UR WORK TO MAKE LEAGUE BETTER** PHOTO OF THIS IDEA link -- just the idea not the design xD if the photo didn't work or any problems please tell me
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