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Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
Welcome to Ask Riot. This is a space where we focus on your questions and give you answers. This week we will be looking at Chromas, Yorick, and Champion Mastery on ARAM and TT. We reviewed over 9,000!!! (specifically 9,743 we're not just memeing) questions in dozens of languages last week and picked three topics that were important to you.
Greetings Summoners and Riot, Few years ago, Riot published few information that has not been implemented in the ARAM (_maybe_), I honestly couldn't do more digging into the history of Champions Mastery in ARAM ... if anyone could shed some light, it would be great. _**EARLY PROMISE**_ : The thing is that RIOT promised having champions-mastery-level-ups playing ARAM map, but till this date (_don't know the history_), it is maxed at level 5 whilst you can play with dedication and on a high scale getting kills, not feeding, defeating **over-powered enemies** (_Clarified_) and winning the match. Earning an S in ARAM is not an easy task as people might think, I mean you guys at least tried it for sure. ** CLARIFICATION OF over-powered enemies** ===> either they have high mastery level, high mastery level points, highly level summoners, highly ranked summoners or over-powered champions. _**ARAM IN-GAME Q-A**_ : On a further study that I made with people playing ARAM, most of them said that they partially or totally quit SR and RANKED because of the long-timed slow-matches, having a lot of intentional feeders, spammers, flamers and early/constant forfeits, I know that my study does not include all the player data base in the game, but still, I have more than 3500 ARAM games (_won & lost_). _**SUGGESTION **_: My previous thought was to _Having a Mastery Level Scale that differs and harder than the already known one in SR, dividing the mastery into a 2, 3 or 4 parts collection in order to achieve the mastery earned during Summoners Rift map_. **After giving it a second thought**, I noticed at first that it is hard to get a specific champion in ARAM mode the more Champions you have, the harder it is getting a specific one to play with, and second of all, it is not as fast as Summoners Rift getting Mastery Level Points due to the short time playing that Champion. If an addition to be added to leveling up Mastery Level beyond level 5, maybe it could be scaled with the points earned in ARAM in addition to the S rank ( ie. Mastery Level 6 would be acquired in ARAM after having 40,000 Mastery Points and an S) _**CONCLUSION - HOPE**_ : Couldn't Riot just add more attraction in the Howling Abyss for people to keep playing it or start playing it if it is not on their radar !? ~_I honestly sometimes don't start an ARAM match because I am bored as well from playing it without anything valuable in return .... and I am not going to play SR for sure because of the long timed matches._
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