I have a new champion concept

Hey there Rioters My name is Laur and I am a league of legends player,I am 28 years old and I truly love your game,I am a construction worker and a very passionate guy about computers in general,yet another part of my brain is just constantly buzzing me about creating magnificent inventions of all kind and in this situation,I feel the need to create a champion for league of legends with unique style and abilities,new mechanics and overall true quality content,I can't really get it done by just writing,its just everything in my head,how he/she looks,how he/she moves,how his/her abilities work and interact/look,his/her identity and style and truly every aspect not just some simple sketch that has no future,for example think of it like,a Tesla's invention,the guy didn't need to put it down on paper he was seeing it all in his head,it happens with me too and its just a shame that I can't at least try to get this to other people.So whoever gets this message if it doesn't die in the hundreds of others,please point me to someone who might understand me,I promise its not just words,I have an explosive imagination,I just need meas to manifest it.Let me know about it.thank you Shukitake The Teared Blader Shukitake was an exceptional talented swordsman that fought for Ionia all his life,he conquered the respect of all great warriors by being an amazing fighter even defeating Master Yi in friendly duel once,he was a bit shy in general but he always expressed himself way better with a sword and a shield.One day a friend of his told him that there is a contest among the best swordsman and that he should join,maybe even impress Irelia with his amazing skills,Shukitake didn't really wanted to go but he agreed in the end. While walking the rich lands of Ionia to the place where the contest was being held,Shukitake and his friends were ambushed by Noxus followers,they were greatly outnumbered and the attackers were not robing them but just trying to kill them all.Shukitake did his best to hold his ground and defend his friends but in the end he was the only survivor having to watch his friends getting slaughtered,he then realized that he failed to protect anything that mattered to him so he gathered all his strengths,renounced his shield and took another blade from the ground and filled his hearth with such a rage and desperation towards the enemies that surrounded and outnumbered him that his hair turned white in instant,after that,he found the true nature of his abilities and killed every single one Noxian that stood against him. He then buried his friends and in a sigh of commemoration he binded his swords with chain and in the chain he hanged metal boards with his friends names so he never forgets the day he lost them and discover his true abilities. Passive- Shukitake has a 25% probability to block autoattacks and every 20-5 sec based on lvl he will absord 10% of the damage taken and redirect it on his next autoattack Q - The Dance of Truth Shukitake strikes with his blades in front of him slowing and bleeding the enemy,if he strikes a target his next move will be a long stab dash with his swords moving his enemies aside gaining his 3rd move leaping in the air dealing an aoe damage where he chooses to land (1st similar to darius's e range,2st similar to fiora's q,3st similar to fizz's e) w - Pray for the weak Shukitake takes a moment to put his swords in the ground and channels a pray that fast regenerates his health and creates a magical field around him that slows enemies and damages them transforming all damage dealth into a shield e- Raise your blade Shukitake raises his sword and channels a magical barrier that absorbs all damage dealt from abilities,after a brief moment he transfers all the damage trough the chain and with his second sword he can activate a magical blast with it dealing damage in a line in front of him,the range gets bigger with the amount of damage accumulated r- Last Drop passive : Shukitake is being able to deny and absorb 5%,7%,10% of all damage taken creating a pool of damage active : Shukitake shouts a desperate call and uses his swords to drain the pool of damage using all damage taken to trow 2 massive energy waves that shares all the damage he gathered around him (the damage gets shared into 2 waves each wave into 4 directions permiting targets to have time to dodge all the damage since the pool of damage taken doesn't have a cap) while on cooldown or dead passive is lost along with all the damage in the pool. here are some concepts of how he would look https://imgur.com/YKw2TKJ
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