Integral Jinx Tattoo design

Hi everybody, that's my first post so I'm not sure to be in the right section. However I'm here to ask a "little" help from who maybe has more skills than I do. I really liked Jinx's tattoo since her release and since a week I finally decide to get it. Unfortunately I encountered difficulties since the begin, because no integral version of the tattoo has been officially released, so I had to analyze all the official splash art of league and the in game model in order to figure out how the tattoo really was. With some troubles and refactors (I'm actually an engineer, not an artist) I came out with a raw concept of the tattoo. I draw the general outline on a 3D male model on 3D Coat using the original splash art, the in game model and the artwork Jinx Vs Vi as base, therefore I think it is quite faithful. Now the real problem comes out: once the outline has been designed, I need to fill it with a texture. My idea was to take the tattoo showed in the Jinx Vs Vi artwork as basis ( but it is definitely out of my league. So here we are at the core of the topic: I'm looking for some help to complete the design of the tattoo by some 3d/2d artist. I can export the model in basically every 3d format possible (3ds, Maya, ...)
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