chat room during loading screen

sometimes you play with people that have toasters so you sit there for minutes in loading screen looking at the enemies urgot's tits what if we had 2 chat rooms in the loading screen first room as a team chat only where we can strategies about what we will plan to do, for example, bot laners are telling each other when to engage and if they will be agro or passive, jungler is telling his path and who he is going to gank first, and which lanes to focus and the solo laners are telling the team if they will be safe or agro and when to expect rotates or tp's, you get the idea then we have a second chat room for all chat, where you can joke around with each other, or laugh at the enemy jungler for no smite this is still league of legends so mute button still should be a thing in the chat room it would just make slow loading screens less boring or lets teams have better planing before the game starts
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