A new small possible Change!

I just want to add an option that Riot could make a new programme in which 1 week per year,permabanned accounts could be able to play,and if they show a different face in this time they would be able to play again with their accounts,of course a single report and unsportmanlike behaviors are going to banned those accounts again.It's not such a bad idea because,okey let's be honest,this might would be a 'toxic' day because of some flamers who didnt reformed themselfs BUT this way some _DEEPLY reformed people_ who made a 180 degrees change would be able to play again with their accounts. A comment for any people who might be against this idea & the toxic people,i have to say that Riot is a company that punishing toxic people so i cant understand why you cant just accept to have a day that will give REFORMED people a sit back on game? If you dont feel sure about how this would like and if you are 'scared' of the toxicity that would 'exist' in that week you can just have a small break from lol x). Hopefully you guys will understand that my point is to create a small open window for reformed people and not just put many toxic people back in the community! **I want to add in this point another idea i had from a random dude that commented my dicussion: I do believe that some people can change and that some just need a really hard punishment (like a perma) to realize that they can't go on like this but one day wouldn't be enough to prove all that. I mean let's say you get really lucky on that day and win every game with really good teammates. You aren't even able to prove yourself in this scenario because there's no reason for you to flame anybody compared to another player who goes on a 10 game losing streak with actual trolls, AFKs, flamers and people who are just having a bad game. You'd need to prolong the trial over weeks or even months with a certain amount of games played to balance all that out. We all know that usually the 14-day ban is your last chance BUT I wouldn't mind if you got a last last chance after you've proven yourself over several months on a smurf. Let's say you've not done anything ban worthy for 6 months with a certain amount of games played on your smurf and then apply for your last last chance on your main. If your smurf is clean Riot could unban your main but you will forever be walking on thin ice by which I mean that you will be perma banned for good after you've slipped up once. ** that's what he said
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