[Champion Concept] - Xel'airy, The Fang of the Void

**Xel'airy** is my first Champion Concept. It is long as heck, but just because of the design. I also wrote story for him so, if you were really bored, you can chuckle at my typos and grammatical mistakes. _Have fun reading!_ --- --- --- >####**_~~Xel'airy look~~_** https://i.imgur.com/juXO0Gi.png[] This picture is the closest to his look. The biggest difference is, the Scutes. Xel'airy has claws he slithers on or, when Immobilizing Wrap is active, opens them widely, becoming a centipede and so does walk on them. Actually, the bones on the skull are changing, when _*~~[Q]~~*_ is switched, and the color of the scales and body structure change when _*~~[E]~~*_ is switched. [](https://.) >####**_~~Music Theme~~_** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnngY5C3rps#gsc.tab=0 [](https://.) >####**_~~Story~~_** https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GSS4LLc5iiyGNHTrDN-JGFd8XzkdRSImcEcziF4NViE/edit?usp=sharing [](https://.) >####**_~~Characteristics~~_** | | | || | | |-|-| |**[Name]**|||**[Xel'airy]**| |**[Title]**|||**[The Fang of the Void]**| |**[Race]**|||**[Void Stalker]**| |**[Role]**|||**[Jungler / Tank]**| |**[Cost Type]**|||**[No Cost / Essence]**| > **[Essence]** ► Min 0 Max 100 ► Does not regenerate on its own. ► Required to use or enhance specified abilities --- --- --- >#####**_~~[Passive] Adaptive~~_** Xel'airy is able to switch his basic abilities by using them as a self-cast, which also changes his passive based on his currently active abilities. Switching abilities is possible even, when they are on cooldown or, when **Immobilizing Wrap** is active. --- **Current passive** _*~~[Q]~~*_+_*~~[W]~~*_+_*~~[E]~~*_ >**_*~~Penetrating Bite~~*_** _Once in every second, when Xel'airy causes damage, he..._ _**~~Neurotoxin Spit~~**_ _Everytime, when Xel'airy loses 10% of his max health in 2 seconds, he..._ [](https://.) >**_*~~Nimble Slide~~*_** _...gains 5 Essence..._ _**~~Immobilizing Wrap~~**_ _...regenerates 0.5%_ (**_*~~+0.25% / 50AP~~*_**) _of his maximum health..._ [](https://.) >**_*~~Ecdysis~~*_** _...or its double, if under or equal to 50 Essence._ _**~~Distraction Vapor~~**_ _...and, if above or equal to 90 Essence, reduces the cooldown on all of his basic abilities by 10%._ [](https://.) >###*For example, Xel'airy starts the game with all of his Green skills active. His passive looks like this: _▬_ "Once in every second, when Xel'airy causes damage, he gains 5 Essence or its double, if under or equal to 50 Essence." _▬_ After a Self-cast [Q], Penetrating Bite swaps to Neurotoxin Spit and the passive changes to: _▬_ "Everytime, when Xel'airy loses 10% of his max health in 2 seconds, he gains 5 Essence or its double, if under or equal to 50 Essence."* --- --- --- >#####**_~~[Q] Adaption: Skull~~_** >####**_~~► Penetrating Bite~~_** >######**_~~► Neurotoxin Spit~~_** >#**_~~► Blood Sucker [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** ####**_~~Penetrating Bite~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Target Select**| |**Cost:**|||**-**| |**Cooldown:**|||**13-8 (Shared with** _**~~Neurotoxin Spit~~**_ **)**| |**Range:**|||**Melee**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy grows two deadly sharp fangs._ Xel'airy bites onto his target, dealing **_*~~[MODERATE] Magic damage~~*_** and applies **Blood Tainted** for _16/27/38/49/60_ seconds. Enemies affected by **Blood Tainted** have their Health Regeneration set to 0. **Blood Tainted** can be cured by a Healing ability however, the amount healed will be reduced by _20/40/60/80/100%_. If above or equal to 75 Essence, **Blood Tainted** also reduces the target's Magic Resist by _10/15/20/25/30%_ (**_*~~+1% / 50AP~~*_**) after _4/3/2/1/0_ seconds of the bite. >###*Only Healing abilities can remove the debuff, not abilities increasing Health Regeneration, like Garen's passive for example.* --- ######**_~~Neurotoxin Spit~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Surface Select**| |**Cost:**|||**25 Essence**| |**Cooldown:**|||**13-8 (Shared with** **_*~~Penetrating Bite~~*_** **)**| |**Range:**|||**Caitlyn [Q] Skill Use Circle**| |**Speed:**|||**Rek'Sai Burrowed [Q] Projectile Speed**| |**Hitbox:**|||**Caitlyn [W] Hitbox**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy widens his maw and changes its structure to be able to spit at long distances._ Xel'airy spits to the selected location in an arch, dealing **_*~~[MODERATE] Magic damage~~*_** and applies **Neurotoxin** for _2/2.5/3/3.5/4_ seconds on affected targets. **Neurotoxin** makes the icons of Skills and Summoner Spells blurried and randomizes their position. _(Summoner spells can get into skill positions and vica-versa.)_ >###*The projectile flies above everything once it is shot till its destination point, then it splashes upon impact. _ _ It is an AOE splash, affecting everyone at the impact point.* --- #**_~~Blood Sucker [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Toggle**| |**Cost:**|||**5 Essence / Sec**| |**Cooldown:**|||**1 sec after toggled off**| While wrapped over his prey, Xel'airy sinks his fangs into them, dealing **_*~~[WEAK]~~*_** amount of **_*~~Magic damage~~*_** and healing himself by _50/55/60/65/70%_ of the damage dealt in every second. --- --- --- >#####**_~~[W] Adaption: Scutes~~_** >####**_~~► Nimble Slide~~_** >######**_~~► Immobilizing Wrap~~_** >#**_~~► Release [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** ####**_~~Nimble Slide~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Surface Select**| |**Cost:**|||**-**| |**Cooldown:**|||**20-15 (Shared with** _**~~Immobilizing Wrap~~**_ **)**| |**Range:**|||**Karthus [Q] Skill Use Circle**| |**Speed:**|||**Yuumi [W] Dash Speed**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy tightens his claws forming his scutes, allowing him to slither with great speed and mobility._ Xel'airy approaches the targeted location with great speed in a zig-zag slide, gaining _20/40/60/80/100%_ **Dodge Chance** till he arrives. Nimble Slide also refreshes **Stalker**, granting **Invisibility** for 1 second, if he was affected by. If above or equal to 75 Essence, his first damaging attack after arrival applies a _40/50/60/70/80%_ decaying slow for 2 seconds. >###*As Stalker refreshes during the slide -granting 1 second of Invisibility-, opponents can't see him coming at all however, Xel'airy can't root them, as those abilities share cooldown.* --- ######**_~~Immobilizing Wrap~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Target Select**| |**Cost:**|||**20 Essence / Sec**| |**Cooldown:**|||**20-15 (Shared with** **_*~~Nimble Slide~~*_** **)**| |**Range:**|||**Xin Zhao [E] Skill Use Circle**| |**Speed:**|||**Yuumi [W] Dash Speed**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy opens his claws wide, gaining the ability to restrain enemies by wrapping them over and squeezing them._ Xel'airy quickly slides to his prey and wraps them over, rooting them into one place till he has Essence or releases them. Gain a set of new abilities while wrapped over on target. >###*Using himself to root the enemy. _ _ This root can be longer than any roots in the game, depending on Xel'airy's adaptions however, he is not able to fight like that. _ _ Also, Xel'airy is not immune to CCs.* --- #**_~~Release [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Instant Cast**| |**Cost:**|||**-**| |**Cooldown:**|||**-**| Xel'airy leaves his prey, gaining back his general abilities. --- --- --- >#####**_~~[E] Adaption: Structure~~_** >####**_~~► Ecdysis~~_** >######**_~~► Distraction Vapor~~_** >#**_~~► Bone Crusher [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** --- ####**_~~Ecdysis~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Instant Cast**| |**Cost:**|||**-**| |**Cooldown:**|||**30-20 (Shared with** _**~~Distraction Vapor~~**_ **)**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy's scales become dull and get thicker._ Xel'airy hardens his scales as prepares to shed it off, gaining a Shield equal to his current health **_*~~(+1 / 1AP)~~*_** while becoming immobilized for 2 seconds. While immobilized, moving, attacking and using abilities are not possible however, he can break out earlier by using the ability again. After 2 seconds without the shield being destroyed, Xel'airy breaks out of his shell refreshed, gaining _25% Movespeed_ and strengthening his Armor and Magic Resist by _15/30/45/60/75%_ of their current value for 3 seconds. If above or equal to 75 Essence, Xel'airy won't be immobilized upon skill use. Xel'airy won't get any bonuses if his shell gets broken by damage or by early break out. >###*It is Current Health and not Maximum Health, it cannot be used as a last stand Health burst.* --- ######**_~~Distraction Vapor~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Instant Cast**| |**Cost:**|||**25 Essence**| |**Cooldown:**|||**30-20 (Shared with** **_*~~Ecdysis~~*_** **)**| _With this adaption, Xel'airy's scale color becomes darker and shinier, as it gets filled by vapor._ Xel'airy breathes a dense-dark cloud which covers him entirely, applying **Stalker** on him. **Stalker** grants Invisibility for 1 second, which can be re-newed to **Camouflage** by staying in the river or bushes, which also constantly refreshes its cooldown to 1 second. Using any attacking ability breaks **Camouflage**. >###*During Stalker, enemies cannot see Xel'airy and are not alerted of his presence in the first 1 second, as it grants Invisibility, like a Shaco [Q]. _ _ After 1 second, it will provide Camouflage instead of Invisibility. Enemies can see him if he gets nearby, just like with Evelynn. _▬_ The cooldown of Stalker always refreshes to 1 second when Xel'airy stays in bushes or on the river. Therefore, he can stay in Camouflage status as long as he doesn't attack or leave bush/river for longer than 1 second.* --- #**_~~Bone Crusher [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Instant Cast**| |**Cost:**|||**15 Essence**| |**Cooldown:**|||**10 seconds**| Xel'airy squeezes his prey, dealing **_*~~[MODERATE] Magic damage~~*_** and stuns them for _0,5_ seconds. >###*With this ability, Xel'airy can stop continuous damage output, like a Miss Fortune or Lucian [R]. _ _ It also deals a decent amount of damage.* --- --- --- >#####**_~~[R] Not Over Yet~~_** >#**_~~► Inject Successor [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** >######**_~~► Sudden Cramps [Controlling Offspring]~~_** #**_~~Inject Successor [During Immobilizing Wrap]~~_** | | | | | |-|-| |**Type:**|||**Instant Cast**| |**Cost:**|||**-**| |**Cooldown:**|||**150/120/90**| Xel'airy injects his **Offspring** into his prey for 15 seconds. When Xel'airy takes fatal damage, his body dies however, gains control over the **Offspring**, seeing that the injected champion sees and gain a one time use ability **Sudden Cramps**, which stuns the injected champion for _1_ second. Upon death of the host, Xel'airy breaks out of their body with _50/65/80%_ of their Maximum Health and _50/75/100_ Essence. If the host dies without Xel'airy's defeat, it drops an **Embrio** instead, which can be eaten by Xel'airy to quickly regenerate *20/30/40%* of his Maximum Health and _10/20/30_ Essence. The **Offspring** dies if the host doesn't get killed in 15 seconds. >###*The death-timer is not counting in the background and the enemy doesn't get gold till the Offspring is in the host, as Xel'airy technically isn't defeated.*
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