Will they ever add a new " simple " champion ??

since 2015 riot has been making champions with loaded kits and new mechanics and extremely difficult to master also most importantly very unique like bard, ekko, Aurilion sol, Jhin etc i know they've made difficult champions in the past but between them there were also easy and simple champions like lux, annie,caitlyn and garen etc but since 2015 they kept releasing difficult champions constantly which to be honest doesn't bother me at all my topic isn't a complain its a concern because most of these champions are unplayable to new players and yes yes i get it they'll eventually learn about them and bla bla bla but imagin someone never played such game like league decides to join and looks at the champions and sees kayn he's like " oh an edge lord nice " and presumably he wouldnt actually read the abilities just goes into a game and clicks on the ability sees the effect and voila i like em but then after a few minutes he sees the portrait changes and starts getting confused or even if he read the ability details he would still get confused and that would make his league experiance a lot less enjoyable and uncomfortable because he decided to pick a new champion or shall we say a mechanical champion that requires you to understand the whole game before picking him up and requires experiance on skill and other stuff while if he for an example picked annie without seeing the ability description he'll immediately catch up and learns her easy from a game or two and later on, he'll eventually learn as he progresses which would make his experience a lot more learnable so i am really hoping they think about creating simple champions with easy kits and simple passives no need for a new mechanic no need for a huge skil requirement no need for long descriptions for one single ability just a simple champion with simple abilities
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