Idea for a Varus-Skin

I once saw a custom skin for Varus, that did something very interesting. Whenever your passive would activate, Varus changed color. I think in normal mode he was purple, when he killed a minion he turned red and when he killed a champion he turned yellow. The creator said that is possible, because of the way Varus' skin/passive are programmed. So I asked myself, couldn't this be used for a legendary (or maybe even ultimate) Skin? Something like a Demon/Bloodmoon-Varus that would look normal, then turn a bit demon-like when killing minions and when he kills a champion he goes full-demon-mode (like High Noon Lucian during his Ult). Yeah I know we already have an "evolving" skin with Elementalist Lux. But this would be something different because you don't just pick a form in your base, but it responds to your gameplay. Ideas for other themes beside demon/bloodmoon: Mecha/Project Arcade/Battle Boss (this isn't even my final form) Dragontrainer Elderwood
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