Whipp, The KIng Of Clouds (the chanp that deals no damage)

role: support size: instead of mana whipp uses his size to cast abilities. All of his abilities are cast under him(aoe) and when he uses a ability his size decreases. he is slowly regenerating size.( abilities are more powerful when Whipp is bigger but he can't have zero size) P- Stacking storm- Whipp's basic attacks deal no damage, but instead they stack, at 5 stacks he reduces is targets armor for 1 permanently. Q- Healing hail- heals all allied champions underneath him based on how much max health whipp has W- Windy way- whip dashes a long distance and taunts enemies he passes over E- Raging rain- empowers next basic attack of every allie undetneath him causing it to strike criticaly and gain lifesteal R- Stunning snow- stuns enemies underneath whipp Lore: Whipp is the king of clouds. He and his queen used to live above the Blessed Islands. When Whipp was away once his home and his queen was turned into something terrible due to an disaster on the isles. Now the isles are known as the Shadow Isles And his Queen as the Black Mist, and Whipp is searchin for the way to undoom(?) them. Looks: a cloud (humuclus)(something like that). he is happy and a bit childish but determined in his quest P.S. i have some other champs that i will post later too, each is unique in some way so if u are interested let me know some are already psoted
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