[[CHAMPION CONCEPT]] Sheathe, the Queen of Harmony

Sheathe, the Queen of Harmony. Base Stats W.I.P --------------- ////--------\\\\ Passive: (Indiscord) Upon attacking an enemy champion with a basic attack or single-target ability that would kill them, Sheathe instead places the killed target in a stasis for 15 seconds + (2 seconds per champ level) The target is fully healed and has access to the shop while dead but will respawn in the same place they died. ////--------\\\\ Extra Information: Upon respawning, the target has invulnerability for 1 second Indiscord has a 20 second cooldown on champions Sheathe still gains gold and experience from the 'kill' lol ////--------\\\\ Q: Avenging Aura - 16CD Passive: Whenever a nearby allied minion or champion is killed by an enemy, Sheathe gains a stack of ('Wishes'), Allied champions give 5. Active: Sheathe conjures a small fireball infront of her, after 1.5 seconds it is released in the direction she is facing, dealing (45/100/165/245/300/315) magic damage + (55% of Ability Power) + (2 damage per 1 wish gained). 2 Wishes are consumed upon cast - They are transferred into 'Sated Wishes' - this is tracked on her resource bar. ////--------\\\\ Extra Information: Sheathe is free to move around while conjuring the fireball. Sheathe can use any of her other abilities or summoner spells while conjuring. The fireball cannot be canceled by anything, inculding silences. ////--------\\\\ W: Invigorated Blast - 14/13/12/11/10/9/8 CD Sheathe blasts the area infront of her in a cone dealing (45/65/85/100/125/140) physical damage + (30% of AP) + (55% of AD) + (All Sated Wishes) and slowing all targets for (30/40/50/60/70/80) Base Movement Speed for 2 seconds. ////--------\\\\ Extra Information: Targets killed by Invigorated Blast are not put into Stasis through Sheathe's passive because it is not a single target ability! ////--------\\\\ E: Entrust - 30 CD Capped Active: Sheathe entrusts a nearby ally champion with her wishes, increasing their resists equal to half the amount of Sated Wishes she has gained. If the ally is killed within 30 seconds of activation, Sheathe loses half of her Sated Wishes. Passive (Enraged): If an entrustment fails, Sheathe gains 30%/35/40/45/50/55 attack speed for 3 seconds and lowers the cooldown of her abilities by 5 seconds ////--------\\\\ ////--------\\\\ R: Utopia - 300 Second Cooldown - Only castable 3 times per game Sheathe unleashes true utopia upon the world, making all damage to dealt to champions negated by 99% for 3 seconds. ////--------\\\\ Champions may still deal damage to epic monsters and towers etc.
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