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iFTIIN / Silver 2 75LP / 130W 141L Win Ratio 48% / Yasuo - 19W 24L Win Ratio 44%, Akali - 25W 15L Win Ratio 63%, Talon - 21W 19L Win Ratio 53%, Garen - 12W 11L Win Ratio 52%, Lux - 9W 7L Win Ratio 56%
Hi, Im lost in this game at times i started playing L.O.L this year and noticed the problems with its community however i still don't let that to effect my fun factor, that being said i have come across a stage now were i lose more then i win and most of that is down to me right? right. Example: If i win a ranked match now days i gain up to (12-14- 15 LP) - If I lost a match my LP decreases (23-22-20 LP) Did some research and the best i heard,read and seen is that my E.L.O is now majorly effected due to extensive loses in a row blah di blah blah hublah oh and it also saying jack all about how to fix this problem:D, Again yet another god forsaken hidden system i have no idea about W.T.F, I honestly have no idea how to address that issue and how long it would take to fix it. F'ED up Right? For you to lose so many point yet gain less. Its utter Garbage RIOT. I managed to hit gold a few weeks back(Hard worker Right? Bad Man Right? How you hit gold wid 12 lp per win right? *BRAP BRAP BRAP*) And So Right after that i stopped playing for a week or so, came back to the game with hopes of fun times, (Incoming). Only To be greeted with a chain of defeats were the teams i had were...Honestly either drunk out of there minds or just not prepared to play ranked. Not asking for much here RIOT, Not raging your chats not flaming ur forums not intreasted in any of that crap... But please for the love of dear *god of games* Put more rules down for these clowns who do a few games of normal and suddenly think they are ready for ranked or put a cap on these so call smurf players taking advantage of us new decent players who have every issue i explained above. Thank you for the read Any Feedback is most appreciated Hit Me Up On - iFTIINAH@Gmail.com {{champion:84}} - So Many Noobz :D Will Match making ever find true balance
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