Idea for a new RANKED placement system

so i have noticed and i have noticed ALOT lateley that in ranked games people sometimes are below standards one would expect, let me give you an example: our {{champion:15}} was the adc bot lane and his support was {{champion:43}} The sivir never spoke in game, and the thing that bothered me most was that she farmed like a bot controlled by a computer. Now i THINK that his farming style is simply a lack of knowledge to this game, and im being critical every single game towards other players, why? Because i have been in silver 1 once before on another account wich is in possesion of someone else now (i know him). lets say the ranked system works as followed: You muts complete 10 games in order to get placed in your rank, the first 3 games are normal games wich are to test your strenght in a 5v5 summoners rift. the following 2 games is a test on your farming rate and how good you are at last hitting, there is a timer and in that time you must get a certain ammount of last hits and if you miss or fail doing the test, you must restart: like when you finish game one and you fail game 2 you must restart with game one 2 games are for both sides of the map) the following 5 games are to test your skill in each role AKA Jungler, Mid, AD carry bot lane, Support bot lane, Top lane For the ad carry bot lane role there is a timer just like the previous games BUT its not that hard to beat like the previous games/test because this is about overall skill (Note that you are paired agianst REAL players not bots) in the farming games you are paired against EXTREME difficult bots so you can test your farming Lets say person A has a very high score in the jungle test then he gets placed with people who have a high score in all the other lanes just to avoid having 3 people in a game who had jungle as their primary/secondary role and didnt got it its just an idea of mine and i would love opinions on this idea I am also writing this because one ranekd match i had a suppor who told me this: i play support because i want fast match. this person has ZERO knowledge on how to play support and he went with veigar support taking all of my farm and building full ap and we lost eventually
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