Artists not credited on the client

So I've enjoyed all the festivities about League's 10th Anniversary so far. Although I haven't played very much recently, one thing I loved when I saw it was the Champion Portraits that got replaced by fan artists' creations. I really, really love the idea of that and I would seriously adore if they gave artists like these more chances to show off their work. But there is one thing that has been bothering me about this ever since my beloved girlfriend noticed it. It's that you can't seem to find the artists' names anywhere visibly. I'm aware that it's totally possible to look them up online if you're interested but isn't it a shame that 95% of players will never know any of the artists who made these? It's especially bothersome how in the loading screen, there is even some black space between the champion's name and the artwork where the respective artist's name would easily fit. Maybe I'm making this a bigger thing than it is, but this board is for discussion, right? So what do you think? Do the artists deserve that or is it unnecessary? :D
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