New Lucian Top Tank Damage Build. Try It.

Hello summoners :). I came up with this build i was experimenting on ( still in work in progress i guess) for lucian in top lane as to be tanky with health and have damage at the same time so i am gonna listing the items and the pathways to build it ( and works against teemo as well muhaha >:) well cant GARENty though) so the STARTING items will be the standard: Corrupting potion+ward. now when you first back you want to get phage and boots probably after that the full BC. so after that frozen mallet and death's dance and mercury boots(you are still squishy). so your CORE items will be: Black Cleaver+Frozen Mallet+Death's Dance+mercury's Tread After that is all about going defensive items like Dead man's plate, Randuin's omen, Spirit vasage, banshee etc you get the point and as for elixirs you can choose either elixir of wrath or elixir of iron(if you want more health). so yea thats pretty much it so i will list the items how i have arranged them below: Starting items: {{item:2033}} {{item:3340}} First Few items: {{item:3044}} {{item:3133}} {{item:3052}} Core Items: {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3111}} Defensive Items: {{item:3742}} or {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} or {{item:3102}} Consumables: {{item:2140}} {{item:2138}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2043}} {{item:3341}} ( for Teemo :) ). Well i prefer to have {{item:3742}} because it gives you MS and slow and for MR i prefer {{item:3065}} . So i hope you will try this build and let me know of it that it works or needs some tweaking or anyone got a suggestion let me know. So Good luck and may you reach Challenjour with this build.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} This is RaEptorBeCool Signing out.
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