New division (plastic) added? (not a joke)

I'm realizing not only myself but a lot of other people are complaining about the matchmaking being unfair and unbalanced, as well as being queued with flamers and trolls etc. So i'm thinking as a new punishment/penalty that should be added is being added into a new division called "plastic division" or "shameful division" for people who have a record of flaming, afking or trolling in game. A way i think this system would work is that when people report the same player a significant amount of times for whatever reason, and after an alarming amount comes through on them, they receive an automatic warning that if they do it (troll int flame etc) again they will be demoted to shameful division V (a bit like how honors work, if they get punished they go to 0) and they will be queued with other people that are toxic or people that ruin the game. Queries I estimate people will have: **It will take very long to queue as not many people would be ranked "shameful/plastic"** _Yeah, but I think it serves as a punishment as well to queue up for long and initially the division will be empty but people will definately fill it up over time_ **Do they stay in it permanently?** _No, I think they will have a chance to prove themselves and if they stay clean for a certain amount of games and/or can climb out of the division with their own skill then they'll go to bronze. Every new season they should be given a fresh start in Bronze though depending on their placements._ **So many toxic people will complain about being in that elo and it would cause a lot of work for riot** _Yeah, but it's worth it, right? One of riot's goals as far as i know is to keep the game as friendly as possible, so literally separating the bad apples from the good ones will keep the game a lot more fresh. At the moment, people receive punishments like bans, mutes etc, but this doesnt really truly help people regain their posture and refrain from being toxic. If they have no choice but to play nicely then they will, otherwise they will be marked shameful for eternity! _ Any other questions feel free to ask, please don't flame me for anything.
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