Dear Riot Its been 4 Years.

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Dear Riot , I have playing this game for a while , great moments with my friends and some frustration in ranked ( hardstuck d4 baby ). I'm not a twitch streamer or youtuber .. i'm part of the community and if you are reading this please answer , because we are doing this for a person in the youtube comment section. Here is the story: So i went to see that new teaser on PROJECT : Reckoning and was cool and will make major of the meta S tier champions happy. But when i saw the comment section it was kinda sad , because there was a guy which comment was "Last skin for udyr was in 2015. 4 years riot, 4 years. " . Its sad , because you forget about champions like Udyr. Please if you are doing that "champs that are great this patch should get skins" at least show some little love to other ones.I'm not even playing him , but would love to help out udyr mains out there. {{item:3070}} Thanks for your time. To the community: Share your opinion would like to hear what people think . {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} p.s. Imagine skin as Godyr or God fist Udyr
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