My, no Our honor level needs polishing, here's what i'm suggesting.

[Feel free to add suggestions of your own to the comments as this could add to a better experience in LoL if implemented.] So, lately i've been feeling that honor level still feels very unpolished, and on suggestion (from a time ago) from Riot Neghinita i've been willing to know what you guys feel about this mail that i sent to riot support. (I'm putting it here because Neghinita specifically stated: " we always support creativity and would like to give you some feedback, however, we here at the support's HQ have no real voice over what gets added, changed or removed from the game. Your best bet would be to go on the Boards, where developers occasionally hang out in search of fresh ideas and community feedback.") Dear Riot Games, I've been wondering for a while now, honor level takes long to level up, too long. I get it, the rewards you get shoulden't be quickly "acquired", but it takes so long i lose hope. I've been meaning to a ask you something and give some suggestions about things. As of now, honor level takes me atleast half an year to go from 2 -> 3, which means getting a chatban means you're (sorry for my languague) %%%%ed, and now you may ask why %%%%ed? Becasue of the fact that it's not officially impossible for you to reach honor lvl 4, even though some players may have had a bad day & they've reformed, for example tyler1. (just kidding, but you get my gist, anyway, the question. Why (for example) has my honor level not increased in the past weeks, it's been stuck on 1 point for a long while now, before this, going from 0 to point 1 took long aswell. Now my suggestion (and also my beggar's plea), seeing as to how long this level up'ing in honor lvl's takes, i'd suggest (not trying to be arrogant.) to add honor xp, that's visible for us to see, not just the simple 3 point honor lvl thingy, this way we can actually track our progress. Also, since you've been experimenting with missions, maybe (this should be added with the previous suggestion *the honor lvl xp) add missions that give honor xp, so we can work towards the next honor level with a positive goal in mind, also maybe we could add missions that'll increase our chances to gain more xp from other honor missions. Missions could be include things as: Honor atleast 2 people in 5 games (friends not included) in normal, ranked, aram and twisted tree line, or, use the support requests (this could also be a nice test for how much your support request server can handle) and give feedback on a certain element of the game that you like or dislike, or for example "Don't curse in the next "5/7 or even a hundred" games (if the chosen number is hundred, maybe you could add a reward that gives a community made skin, to get this community made skin you'll just host a forum post where people who;ve worked hard on the custom skin;s they have made get a chance to show off their stuff, (people muted in the past 2/3 weeks should not be included.) this'll result in a positive experience cause there's alot of people making these custom skins in league which should atleast decrease a part of the toxicity.) So yeah, that's what i wanted to say, thanks for reading this & good luck (depending on if you'll actually implement some of this haha.) Anyway, much love for this game, i have played it for a long time so that must atleast mean something from a veteran like me, Greetings & Goodbye, KrullieLovesRem. Edit: "Yes, but not everything" Should be Yes, but more should be added to this.
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