Meet Athea! (the picture is not mine but is a rough image of how Athea would look) .Passive: Atheas heart is made up of a rare material called Safay which no longer exists... (i have some weird idea about this one so I will update when done:) .Q: Athea creates a force wave which she can direct to push and pull enemies toward or against her. at the end of the force wave, Athea can reactivate it again to push enemies side to side. W: passively when athea kills a unit she gains a stack of Force. Athea can actively use Gravity's Side, which when used will create a bubble at a target location which will shield all allies and will last until the enemies break through it. E: athea can move her energy barrier to a location but once moved both enemies and allies are shielded from damage. R: When Athea was tested on when she was young the scientists gave her the ability to control the minds of her enemy's when they damage her but she can't move or cast other abilities so basically shes silenced. Athea will give movement commands when she's controlling her victim and at the end of the course, the enemy will be stunned. the mind-controlling will last for 2 secs and the enemy is forced to move where Athea wants them to go. the cooldown of her passive in the early game is fairly long but gets reduced later on and the enemy has to walk longer later on.

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