Shaco rework proposition as a Mage Assassin

Hello fellow creative friends ! As you may know, Shaco is one of the champions Riot wants to rework. Later than others, but still. The project of reworking Shaco has many problems : 1. **3 out of 5** of his **abilities** are **extremely representative of Shaco** (Q, W and R) and his passive is also quite representative 2. His **Q** is **very powerful** by itself (instant blink + invisibility and empowered next attack) 3. He has **2 main different playstyles** : **AD assassin** (I come behind a squishy and OS him) & **AP trap** (boxes dealing a lot of damages before finishing with the Q + Protobelt + lichbane) So I tried to figure out an idea of a Shaco rework. The finale idea came mostly after two events : 1. **After the assassin update**, the **best way to play Shaco during several months** was the **AP build**, which changed radically when his E became physical. But the AP still has charm and potential if Shaco’s kit could be entirely around it. 2. **Wukong’s experimental rework**, especially the **W** leaving a **clone doing something without being an ultimate**. So in the end, I propose a Shaco rework that would make him a **pure mage playing around his boxes and invisibility tricks**. I hope you will enjoy the idea and don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’m open to debate! Of course, **the idea can be re-used and modified for a new champion instead of Shaco’s rework**. After all, Shaco was supposed to be an AD assassin ^^ Also, **the numbers** (damages, mana cost, CD…) **can be adjusted**. I think the numbers should turn around those, but it can also be changed. **Visual** : Quite **similar to the current Shaco**, but he carries a **magic wand instead of his daggers**. It looks like a jester wand for festivals, quite like Beam Kriby’s wand. He **keeps his silly walk** and **hits at melee range** with the wand. **Passive** : Jack in the box Shaco uses Jack in the box in his spells. It last for 3 seconds, attacks immediatly any close enemy (one at the time), trying to focus champions first, dealing 70 -> 190 (+40% AP) by second. Jack in the box can be killed and CCed. Jack in the box deals 50% more damages to jungle monsters and take 30% less damages from jungle monsters. _PS : The boxes themselves don’t fear anymore._ **Q** : Deceive Mana : 60 CD : 13/12/11/10/9 Shaco is teleported to the targeted direction (same range as the current one) and becomes invisible for 2/2,25/2,5/2,75/3 seconds and move 20% faster while invisible. Attacking or using a spell other than his W will break the invisibility. He can hold the key or not. No hold : Leave a Jack in the box where he was before teleporting. Hold : Shaco carries the box until he releases the key, attacks, gets hard-CCed or the invisibility ends. _Visual : While carrying the box, he carries it on top of him, holding the box with his hands and walking even sillier. I simply find it funny. We could even have a reference to “Somedays you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” **W** : Hallucinate Mana : 70 CD : 15/14/13/12/11 Shaco creates an immobile clone of himself where he stands. The clone lives for 3 seconds. Once Shaco reactivates the spell or once the clone takes damages from a champion or a jungle monster, it explodes, dealing 50/80/110/140/170 (+40% AP) magic damages and fearing all enemies around it for 0,75 second and leaves a Jack in the Box. If Shaco was invisible when casting the W : 1. Shaco’s invisibility will last 1,5 second longer 2. After 0,5 second, the clone will hit the closest unit (prioritizing champions) for 70/110/150/190/230 (+0,65 AP), and will fear and leave a Jack in the box after another 0,5 second _The casting time when Shaco is invisible exists to leave squishies a chance to escape with a flash or for the supports to save it. It would be too OP to have an invisible assassin coming close to you and dealing a lot of damages while hard-CCing you. Keeping the invisibility a little longer helps for the positioning for the E with the Q speed buff._ **E** : Dancing lights Mana : 50 CD : 7 Shaco sends lights in a small cone in front of him, dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+0,6 AP) damages to all enemies hit. He also leaves a Jack in the box at his position. Feared units facing Shaco have their feared duration extended by 0,5 second, walk away from Shaco instead of the original fear source and are marked for 2 seconds. Marked units take 20% more damages from Jacks in the box. Monsters are always marked. _As a reminder, feared units walk slowly away from the fear source. If Shaco fears someone with its W, the target will go away from the clone’s position, not Shaco. So Shaco has to position himself so he can combo his W and E._ **R** : Box party ! Mana : 100 CD : 100/90/80 Shaco targets a close enemy champion or legendary jungle monster (range ~250) and disappears for 0,75 second (complete disparition like his current ult or Zed’s ult). He then reappears with two clones around the target. They all dance around the target for 3 seconds. They follow all the target movements (kinda like Kayn’s ult or Yuumi). Shaco and his clones hold a Jack in the box attacking the target. The clones disappear when hit by legendary monsters, turrets or champions. They drop the Jack in the box when they do. Shaco can go away by clicking on the ground and casting a spell, and is interrupted if he gets hard-CCed. When he stops or is stopped, he drops the Jack in the box. Dropped Jack in the boxes have a lifetime equal to the lifetime remaining when they were still hold by Shaco or its clone. When the target dies, Shaco and his clones drop their Jack in the boxes and the clones disappear, even if the target gets resurrected by a Guardian angel or other. _Visual : Shaco and his clones will place themselves at an equal distance around the target (⅓ of the circle if they are 3, ½ if they are 2). And why not having Shaco having a crazy stressed animation and moving faster around the target when the two other clones are dead._ _After a full combo, a target can have a total of 6 boxes attacking him with the E mark increasing the damages by 20%, dealing huge single-target damages, but the ultimate can still be countered by a simple AoE spell or a Sunfire cape to make the clones disappear, and a well placed CC for Shaco. An Alistar Q for example will completly deny Shaco’s ultimate (clones disappear and Shaco and the boxes are CCed)._ That’s all folks ! Tell me what you think about it, if you think the kit fits Shaco, if it’s cool but for another champion than Shaco etc…
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