Suggestion: Price adjustments or reworking old "legendary and ultimate" skins

Hey everyone! Does anyone else feel dissappointed owning the ultimate skins of Ezreal and Udyr or some legendary skins (i.e. Gentleman Cho'Gath) when they look at the new 520 RP Morgana, Akali and Kayle skins? The pricing seems rather unfair and I think they should either adjust the pricing and labels (legendary, ultimate, etc.) or rework those skins to be worth their price again. I know this is a huge amount of work to be done, but I think there should be some kind of "reworking skins list" or announcement that specific skins will be updated in the near future so people know the skin they buy/own is about to be updated some time in the future and avoid dissappointment. Anyone else? Or am I just spoiled / not smart by buying the skins back in the day? Good luck on the fields of justice
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