can we have skin line dedicated to "dark counterparts" of good champions?

Basically a dark version of Arclight (Darklords?) for champions who are very clearly well... good. {{champion:427}}, {{champion:201}}, {{champion:154}}, {{champion:78}}, {{champion:3}}, {{champion:163}}, ({{champion:99}} but she's disqualified because elementalist dark exists) etc. given a dark theme normally reserved for the bad guys. I'm honestly surprised this isn't a thing already since light vs dark is always a good concept and in terms of an alternate reality I've always thought of Arclight being in a world were light = evil or at the very lest not inherently good since it only goes to champs who are ether clearly evil {{champion:161}} or champs who ether are VERY morally dubious or use evil forces for the greater good {{champion:67}} (literally doing it for kicks at this point and has no mercy for anything "dark" regardless of who they are eg her mentor) + {{champion:110}} (pre lore revamp same as {{champion:67}} , post lore revamp bit of {{champion:83}} with a bit of {{champion:67}} ) + {{champion:83}} (using enslaved zombies to free the enslaved zombies) this is also why I like Arclight {{champion:83}} the most since it kind of confirms this viewpoint with him calling his light magic a "curse apon the ground" and such. so what I am suggesting is giving good champs dark skins since: would be a nice counter part to an established line 2.dark = good and light = evil is a concept that doesn't see enough use and also establishing that's what the skin lines are about would stop people complaining about things like Yoricks unchanged VO since it would then fit perfectly. 3. giving nice guy champs badass skins is always a good thing 4. way to make dark skins for champs without having to bend over backwards to find a way to make it work in alternate universe or work with the champs innate theme (dark star whilst cool only works for things that are already evil or are detached from humanity)
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