Arashi, the Stormsoul (weather mage concept)

**Basic pre-explanation:** Arashi is a dps mage who uses the weather for his needs. **Previous Concepts:** [Ryuga, the phantom swordsman]( [Omega, The end ]( [Pantheon Rework]( (I uploaded this on a secondary account since some asswad has been going around downvoting all of my posts) **-** **Looks:** Arashi has black, mid-length hair which covers his left eye, his eye color is aquamarine blue. He is dressed in very fancy clothing, he wears a dark blue cloak with golden lining, a white shirt and black leather pants, he wears a silver chain with a green sapphire on it and has lots of golden jewelry and bracelets **-** **Info:** **Name:** Arashi **Age:** 24 **Race:** Artificial elemental **Place of Birth:** Demacia **Affiliation:** None **--** **Lore Summary:** Arashi was a boy who was born in demacia, a powerful storm elemental was molded into him at a young age, giving him lots of unstable power. He went rogue after his parents were killed in a accident. **Kit:** **Passive-Stormsoul:** After using an ability, Arashi gains an aura for 5/8/9/10 seconds (based on ult level). Only 1 aura can be active at once. Area radius: 8 teemos **Auras:** **Rain:** Units nearby will be slowed and lose 5/10/15/20/25% of their MR (based on Q level) **Wind:** Sharp, cutting wind will run wild around Arashi, dealing 10/15/20/25/35 true damage to all units around him every second. (based on W level) **Thunder:** Every 2 seconds lightning will strike a random unit around Arashi, prioritizing champions and tower dealing 50/60/70/80/90 (+10 AP) magical damage and making them take 20% more damage from other units (35% for towers) **Q-Flooding Rain:** Arashi sends out a stream of dark clouds in a line which flood the area with rain, this area deal continuous magical damage and applies Rain aura. **DMG:** 5/7.5/10/12.5/15 (+5% AP) per second magical damage. **Cooldown:** 10 seconds **Range:** 13 teemos **Speed:** 1000 **W-Slicing Wind:** Arashi sends out a stream of wind (like riven's wind slash, but slightly wider and has shorter range) which deals damage to all units and knocks them back slightly. Can be cast 3 times within 4 seconds. **DMG:** 10/25/45/60/80(+ 20% AP) magical damage **Cooldown:** 11s **Speed:** 1300 **Range:** 7.5 teemos **E-Thunderchain:** Arashi attaches a chain of electricity to a target enemy unit, dealing damage per second, the chain can be broken by going out of range. **DMG:** 20/22/30/40/45 (+10% AP per second) mixed damage **Cooldown:** 15 seconds **Range:** 6.5 teemos **R-Ultimate Power:** Arashi takes all of the storm elemental's power into himself, transforming his body, his hair becomes light blue, and his skin becomes grey/blue with bright blue patterns going around it. During this all the auras are active at once. He can recast the ability within 5/6/7 seconds to instantly teleport anywhere within a 12.5 teemo radius. **Duration:** 5/7.5/9 seconds **Cooldown:** 120/100/90 seconds **-** So that's about it, I greatly based this off of my previous concept, Omega, the end, but I feel that this is a lot better and I really wish to get productive feedback, everything unproductive will be ignore :) > Update 1.1: > Rain Aura and W nerfed > Update 1.2: Ultimate duration and range nerfed
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