Wardskins useage idea

Hi everyone, lately with hextech crafting, missions, events , end of season honor/rank reward, honor capsuls, IP shop and regular RP shop alot of ppl have atleast 1 wardskin and alot have way more than 1 skin but cant really use them well. the wardskin change pre game is nice but i would find it alot cooler if if atleast we could use different wardskins for regular and controllwards this should not be so hard to make so forexample i could take honor 5 for controllward and for the regular ward the silver rankreward skin. and abit harder to do but not impossible instead of a specific skin i could use [?] which would mean rotating (rdm rotating) of wardskin. so evreytime i use a ward it would pick a rdm skinward i own. and if we combine both, different skins for regular/controll wards > i could use a fix wardskin i really like for controllwards and choose rdm option for the regularwards
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