Champion Idea!

Name: Nahala (ap caster mage or support) Lore: Taliyah's sister from shurima and is hoping to find taliyah so they can both defeat azir and regain shurimas peace. Passive: When Nahala moves up one level she can choose to bring a bird to her and many of them have diferent uses such as healing to her or damage to the enemy. when she has chosen her bird the bird will fly in that lanes direction giving vison all along it. Q: (earths basket case) Nahala grabs a chunk of rock from the ground which she can drop on the ground,enimies who walk over the hole in the ground are slowed. W: (cactus blossom) Nahala gains a shield which can be reactivated within 2 seconds to give her the same shield again. wehn the second shiled is activted nahala calls for a swarm of birds to come damaging nearby enenies but draning alot of mana. E: (practice makes perfect) Nahala calls upon her last bird to assist her again, if it was the heal bird then it turns into a damage spell and if it was a heal bird then it becomes heal bird. nahala gains significant movem,met speed if its a heal bird and signifcant damage on auots if its a damage bird. R: (savanas drift) Nahala calls upon the Shuriman desert to assist her so it sends a huge wind which can be directed by Nahala to displace enemies and dealing damage to those who get blown away by the force of wind. this is a champion idea not perfect or worthy just an idea:)

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