I think Riot Games should do something about **refunds**. Im talking about **players that play this game for quite a while**, like myself. I play it for almost 9 years now and I had spent my refunds a long time ago on things I would never refund now. I really do regret it + Riot is making higher quality content now. Of course I had changed my decision making over these 9 years, of course _I was an impatient kid who refunded Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} to buy a damn Caitlyn_ {{champion:51}} because she looked soo cool at the moment that I just couldnt resist {{item:3070}} . I hope our fellow developers will have some understanding for us and hopefuly they will do something about it. If you dont want to directly give us our refunds back, you can create some kind of a system or so which will give us a refund **as a reward**.
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