Rediclious autofill timers

Lately I have been getting autofilled even when the game has been trying for less then 1 minute to find me an game. I dont mind not getting my main role, or even my secondary one if this means it will improve que timers but this is seriously rediclious. Often times I get in a game about 1:30 minutes and because someone doesnt get their role they are dogding, then I get qued up again in like 20 seconds with an autofilled role. This is ALWAYS the case, so if you dont want to get autofilled you should always decline after someone dodged or declined. That way the game is less likely to autofill you. But the fact that it happens this way should be fixed, I should not have to resort to cheese tactics to get the main or even secondary role when the que timer hasnr even past 3 minutes. Higher up in elo is a difrent story but this is silver and bronze elo for pete sake. Riot is pretty stupid for doing this im my elo, I am silver 4 and get alot of bronze players in my NORMAL games, why the hell do you need to autofill me before the que has past the 1 minute timer simply because someone chose to dodge? So if you want to make sure you get your role, be sure to decline after someone dodged or left a game, it really helps but the fact that this is even an issue in a game that so many people play is unacceptable.

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