Zilean vs Ekko rap battle

{{champion:26}} : I'm underplayed, that's what makes me OP, Show me your blade? I'll show you my back, This Christmas, You're going down, I'll meet you at the isthmus, You'll look like a clown, Here is my present! I'll show you your future, You won't be content, You'll never be mature Try to be aggressive, I dare you! It'll just be depressive, When you recall, you'll just buy a shoe. {{champion:245}} : You're the master of time? Don't make me laugh! I think it's your bedtime! You've lived for too long? Got 2 lives? I got really huge bursts! I'll show you my dive! Dead before you revive! I'm really popular, I've seen your future, You're pretty normal, I'm extremely super! Got one thing to say Santa! Merry Christmas! It'll be your last! Enjoy it while you can! ******** Who do you think won? If you want me to make more tell me between who and who.

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