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#RULES •A {{champion:17}}**Teemo** in every team •All the other champions have to take {{summoner:14}}**Ignite** •Everyone will go in lanes and get XP from minions **without attacking** anything; The **Teemo**s have to go mid lane, while the rest of the players in bot and top lane •At **4:00** everyone will back to base and wait there, while the **Teemo**s will go hide •At **5:30** the hunt begins and everyone has to look for the enemy **Teemo** •When a team wins, everyone has to back and wait again **1:30** minutes for **Teemo**s to hide --- {{item:3348}} **GENERAL RULES **{{item:3187}} •Every type of ward and trinket is banned •**Scryer's Blooms** (Vision Plant) CANNOT be used at any time, if a team uses it, they will immediately lose •Players can still get XP by standing near minions •It is forbidden to attack enemy minions, turrets, champions (except for Teemo) and jungle monsters •Players can back to base whenever they want to buy items •No hints about Teemo position are allowed {{champion:17}} **TEEMO RULES** {{champion:17}} •Lanes and base can't be used as hiding spots •Teemo can't recall until a round is over •After hiding, Teemo still can move around •If Teemo tries to escape in lanes or base, its team immediately loses •Teemo can also attack and try to kill enemy champions {{item:3306}} **HOW TO WIN** {{item:3306}} There are **3 to 5 rounds** A team wins a round when someone manages to {{summoner:14}} **Ignite** or **kill** the enemy {{champion:17}} **Teemo** The team that won most of the rounds wins the game, and the opposing team has to surrend --- **BANNED CHAMPIONS** {{champion:32}} Amumu {{champion:136}} Aurelion Sol {{champion:36}} Dr. Mundo {{champion:30}} Karthus {{champion:55}} Katarina {{champion:57}} Maokai {{champion:25}} Morgana {{champion:107}} Rengar {{champion:27}} Singed {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate {{champion:67}} Vayne {{champion:19}} Warwick **BANNED ITEMS** {{item:2050}} Wards {{item:3364}} Oracle Lens {{item:3512}} Zz'rot Portal --- _Have fun catching Teemo!_ {{sticker:darius-angry}} _Custom Game Modes_ **Discord server:** _
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