New game mode permanent

I think we all should benefit of a game mode where we can play what we wish ... i mean no champion pool restrictions , having the posibility to test champions and train with them until you eventualy like that champ and buy it to play ranked... , i mean it would be way more cool if you want to train and eventually buy the champion later ... than how is right now.... I think this is the most fair solution to find the champions you can play and are funny to play with and then unlock them permanent so you can train more and play ranked... , it's my thought as veteran and even as a new player , if i would come here and just watch every champ skills that wouldn't show me how it feels to play that champion ... , free rotation pool is kinda not enought at all... ,i mean if i want to test x champion i have to wait until it is placed in free rotation pool which in my opinnion is ain't that great (there are more than 120 heroes... and it's kinda take much to rotate all heroes in free rotation pool.) Right now , you may buy a champion and just then figure that it isn't fits your play style etc... , this is beyond what the game should promote , you should play what fits you most... , not play with what you have in your champion pool unlocked.
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