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So I am Gold IV on EU/NE server....Today I was playing a game where I got 2 golds(IV and V) and one FU***** 27 lvl guy+one Bronze I guy,and their team was one Silver III,one GOLD I,one PLATINUM IV,SILVER I and GOLD V(ofc we lost cuz the guy with 27 lvl cant do a shit against gold 1 player and the guy witch is bronze 1 is not even knowing the point of the game and blaming all other cuz "HE IS THE BEST")....**WHAT THE FU** IS WRONG WITH MATCH MAKING SYSTEM ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?? ITS STUPID AF RLY**.....tbh riot is not working on that kind of problems at all I have feeling that they want to everyone stop playing this game cuz its starting to be stupid,boring,difficult for brain and mind(cuz of retarded players)+you must be mentally prepared I mean wtf....Im not on some kind of test in college or idk what,its the fucking game,yeah I am pissed off, so what ? I must be,after this is happeing NOT FOR THE FIRST TIME The best thing is that I dont have bad MR at all.....its normal.....I rly cant play like this anymore,if RIOT dont care about making this game fun for everyone and making normal match making system where I can be sure that im not playing with bronze and under 30 lvl kids then they are pretty out of their mind.....Their report system is stupid too,some kind of new report system where most of the players will be banned if they feed,flame..... NO ITS STILL SAME SHIT LIKE THE OLD ONE.....I REPORTED 100 OF PPL WITCH ARE FEEDING AND FLAMING AT THE SAME TIME,AND THEY GOT WHAT ? EVEN A REWARD FOR DOING IT ?! Only ONE of 100 got banned ! STOP BEING USLESS !!! * _**THIS IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE,START DOING SOMETHING USEFULL !!!!!**_
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