'Garens Rework'; Can he be brought back to pro-plays?

**All of the ideas and concepts that I will be talking and sharing with you all are all mine that sprung from no where, like a magical tooth fairy. Rito Plz, notice this! ** ٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶ Anyways, this rework is like a tank/fighter, like (Rivens fighting bit and Cho’s utilities capability) Trying to move away from the regen tank, with op damage, but a bit more vulnerable catch. He will be a target of a constant battle as real warrior, not like the old safe and unenthusiastic soldier, that was all talk. He be a heavy ‘Tank’ if you want to, but you will lose lots of damage, you can be a ‘Damage dealer’, but you will lose lots of tankiness, no shortcuts like the old Garen. You can be very ‘Healthy’ with lots of HP, but you will lose tankiness and damage, Lots of too, trading that for a regen cap. Balance will be your vitality, like a real soldier alone in the battle seeing death and war, with nothing but a floating soul. A balanced mentality is more important than anything else. What you will find on the field will be your advantage call. “I’m talking about the build you will have and runes!”. Starting off with the new Garens ‘passive’, I like the old passive a lot, it was easy and clear, but i want to change that. Garen was able to get strong stats from his passive by just existing and standing around the EXP pool. With no downsides super strong it was. A new passive is different. Garen will gain a regen point for the lvl he is at, 1 regen point at lvl 1 and it will lvl up with Garen to lvl 18 with 18 regen points, this will be capped. Garen will be able to gain additional regen points, he will get +1 regen point for every 100 bonus HP. In addition Garen will be able to get +2.5 or +5 AD for every 100 bonus HP. With the new passive Garen will be able to choose what path he wants to take/adapt along side the match up, if the match is a bit to long. Garens (Q). We all remember the easy Q, point and click the target, no counter play, pretty much every melee top laner hates that with silence. The new Q, is a skill shot that goes through objects such enemy champions. It will have 3 parts/areas. When Garen uses Q he will hit one of the areas, the further away he hits the target the less damage it will deal, but if he is able to hit close to the target he will deal more damage. Additionally, if Garen is able to hit the middle part of the area, Garen will be able to silence the target(s). Furthermore if Garen is able to hit the furthers away point, he will lose 12.5% of his AD at rank one, then he loses 10%,7.5%,5% and 2.5% of his AD at max rank. The debuff lasts for 1 second in all ranks. [By the way, Garen will not deal no % damage, does not work with this kit and it is a bad idea!] Garens (W). Passive: There will be an invisible Darius (Q) around Garen. He gains Armor and Magic resist on bonus % of Armor. This can be a % for each rank: 5%,10%,15%,20%,25% for the ranks. This only applies if the target is around the Darius (Q) (If the target is a ‘Range’ target this does not apply if the target is inside of the small circle next to Garen.) Garen gets zero bonus armor if the target is able to cluster inside of the Garens small circle. Active: Garen is allowed to get a reset on his Q and his E(1) Charge. It can have a long cd like his old W, but a much lower cd at the late game. Garens (E) Garen will deal half circle of damage as an area of affect. For each charge used the amount of armor and magic resist he has loses. At the start of 2 upgrades to his E, he loses 0% of armor and magic resist. After the 3rd upgrade Garen loses 3.5%,7%,10.5% of armor and magic resist, it is capped at 3 debuff charges, and the debuff lasts for 2 seconds. After the 3rd upgrade Garen gains a ‘Passive’, Garen gets extra tenacity to kite and prolong the fight. For each charge used Garen gets 15 tenacity, that is caped to 4 charges (60 tenacity max). Skill outplay potential. Garens (R) Is pretty much similar to his old one, keeping his signity ULT and the memory's. Passive: His passive is pretty much the same, ‘villain’ Deals bonus damage on the most feed target going down to the least feed target. Garen will cast damage of light in a designated area, in his area of range, no longer a ‘click and target’ skill anymore. The circle will be able to move around to cast in a certain location. The Bonus/Villain damage will only be casted on a single target and other(s) will get the minimum damage output. Or a second/Non villains tag Feed target, will deal normal damage. Garen will cast a barrier at his max range of his ULT, as a slow; wall. It lasts for 1 second, and the slow is increased for each upgraded point to his ULT: 25%,35%,50% at max rank. **And that's pretty much the ideas that I have for Garens rework, to change him, to be a skill champion, but not too complicated for beginners. Let me know in the comments what you think about this! Garen mains and the new uprising. This rework could be the comeback Garen needs to the Championships of Pro players.”Garen pretty much never gets his screen time... Let’s let him be a model for a new era!” Kappa** {{champion:86}} {{summoner:50}} {{item:3026}} {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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