Lux Fan VU

Lux Fan Visual Update, Natalia Trykowska
I've been thinking about doing my own Lux visual update for a while now and after way too many hours I finally finished the concept. I'm really happy with the result, especially with the in-game visualisation which was something completely new for me and I had no idea I could make it work.
Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my latest Lux fan VU. My primary goal was to make her armour look more in line with the style of the current Demacian attire, which resulted in more metal elements and shapes resembling wings and feathers. As Lux descends from aristocracy, I also decided to spice up the overall look with some golden elements and royal blue cape, similar to her brother's. Please have a look at the following sketches, colour ideas, in-game visualisation, and more. I'd greatly appreciate your comments and feedback. Thank you! You can also check my other works at:
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