What League could learn from Smite

So, recently I've stepped away from League for a bit and started playing some Smite. I played it for a bit a while back and it's just generally a fun 3rd person League. It doesn't feel as balanced, but it's fun gameplaywise. However, I was baffled by one thing; the amount of gamemode queues they had. They have 7 casual gamemode queues and 3 ranked queues (excluding co-op vs a.i.). Meanwhile, League is looking to lessen their queues to 5; SR normal, draft, ranked, flex and ARAM. They have double the gamemodes with an arguably smaller playerbase. A reason why Riot doesn't add many gamemodes is because they want to keep queue times short for the already existing gamemodes. Smite however doesn't face this problem. That's because they use a different queuing method. Instead of queueing up and waiting to be put into a game while a timer counts up, Smite has a timer that counts down. You can get into queue at any time, and the earlier you join the higher priority you get to get into a game. Then, once the timer expires, the game makes matches with all the available players and you get into a lobby 99% of the time if you queued up 2 minutes in advance. I think this system works better because you get a clear queue time. At the end of the timer you have to be ready, you don't have to be ready the entire time you are in queue to accept a game. It makes sure that people are more likely to accept the ready check and thus makes queue times shorter for most players. I think League could learn a lot from that system. Sure, there's bound to be some downsides, but for what I've seen there's more upsides than downsides to it.
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